Growing up my focus was so persistent with this "aching" thought that I was gay. It scared me so that I avoided it for a significant part of my life, because I didn't know why I felt this way. I didn't know what it would mean for me or my future. All I knew was that I was wrong for even thinking about it. I tried to change myself in so many ways to try to appease those around me. I dated guys all through middle school and high school - I was just trying to force myself to be normal for my religious surroundings. But that" feeling" was still in my mind. It was something that was inescapable. Until one day in my senior year of high school, I decided that I was gonna be happy, and I decided the only way to be happy truly was to accept who I was. I decided to shout it from the rough tops of my heart and mind.

The same two things that kept me imprisoned from expressing myself to the world, I used them as my personal inner platforms to admit this to myself. That moment inside of myself was what allowed me to disregard people's thoughts when it came to the person I chose to love. I was able to envision a life with a woman and know that I would spend the rest of my life happy with her, because I refused to hide from it. I refuse to hide from the pain that comes with being who I am because its all worth it.

Here are three tips to handle being young and proud:

  1. Remember that you have to live with the decision you make with your life. No one else is in control of your future besides yourself.

  2. Happiness is key! You hold the key to your own happiness. Never allow someone to decide what makes you happy.

  3. Life is short. The life we are given is short. Why spend it appeasing everyone else?

All in all your happiness is worth more than the human mind can comprehend. Allow yourself to be happy. It will be hard. It won’t always be fun, and you will always question yourself. Deciding to be happy is a daily decision as well as a daily struggle. It comes with serious responsibilities so don’t force yourself to make that decision if you are not mentally ready. It‘s not about having a hard shell. It’s about accepting that things are gonna hurt you but that is the daily sacrifice that we make to be happy. Sounds like a contradiction but once you make the decision to be happy you will truly understand the concept of it all. Hope this was helpful.

Love You Sisters,


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