Everything You Need to Know About Black Girls Guide

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Typing these words to begin this blog takes me back to sitting in the living room at my dads house, face glued to the computer screen, Brian McKnight’s music belting from the boombox - blogging on Tumblr.

I’ve spent so many years reliving the things that happened to me growing up - replaying scenarios over and over... staying stuck in the same place because I literally felt I was incapable of picking myself up. I believed it was impossible for me to be FREE. (Somebody felt that🙌🏾) What does freedom of self truly look like? What does it feel like?

Black Girls Guide was created as my public expression and example to women of color that we are enough, we are beautiful, and that no matter what lays behind us - the future lies ahead. Most of this blog will be about loving yourself — loving yourself fxcking unapologetically, healing, total wellness and inspirations to keep you GOING & GROWING. You’ll also get glimpses of my everyday life- I love uplifting women, beauty and creating online content for my blog, Instagram and YouTube channel. Taking pretty pictures, sharing tips that actually help and talking to my readers and tribe about things I like is what excites me.

My goal is to inspire you to create a foundation built on personal power, self love, and self awareness to be authentically YOU — Conquering who you once were and becoming all you are meant to be.💪🏾



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