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Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Ignite Your Influence 2019 was phenomenal, very informative and full of gems if you are a blogger, like myself, trying to make it in these internet streets. Ignite Your Influence is an annual summit created by Majesty Acheampong to inspire women who create content. I decided that it was important for me to invest in myself, and Black Girls Guide to learn better strategies and tips to fully serve all of you who read my blog and consume my content. So BOOM, I purchased my ticket and was in the mix of so many beautiful black bloggers and business owners. I think what stood out the most for me, outside of the wealth of knowledge I received, was being in a room full of women who looked liked me, who have similar aspirations to me, and seeing women who look like me who have reached a level of success that I know is possible for myself. Have you ever been surrounded by full on Black Girl Magic honey??!?!?... Well if you can imagine it - thats what IYICLT 2019 had to offer. Not only did I walk away with connections, friendships, and inspiration, the speakers at IYICLT 2019 gave tangible tools and tips that bloggers can use to be more efficient in our blogging strategy. ALSO, the night before the actual summit, Melissa Chanel hosted a mixer sponsored by Cantu, and when I tell you the music, the drinks, and the connections were POPPIN... and my hair (thanks for the swag bags Cantu). I wanted to share with you all notes that were taken at the summit in hopes that they would be as helpful to you as they are to me! ENJOY SIS! <3

Majesty & all of the speakers from IYICLT

Notes from Fireside Chat with Majesty, Lola, and Kish

● Influencing is using what makes you unique to add value to others.

● When selecting your niche, consider the following:

○ What are you genuinely passionate about?

○ What do people (i.e. your friends) come to you for?

○ Who do you want to create content for? Who is your audience? Who do you

want to serve?

○ What problem are you solving? Every content creator should be solving a


● Strategies for building a large following:

○ Be authentic

○ Start with yourself - what are you interested in? (Post about those things)


● Tools/resources for content planning

○ NOTION app

○ Lola’s free guides (​Blogger Etiquette​)

● Be prepared to deal with rejection/negative comments as an influencer

● Know your value; don’t be afraid to ask for what you deserve

● Expand your thinking and your faith

● Ways to reach company’s social media marketing manager

○ Company/brand’s website or LinkedIn profile

○ Contact information found on company/brand’s IG page

○ Google

○ Company/brand’s generic email address (info@...) or DM had have the contact

direct you to the right person


Notes from Brittany’s Session

● You must answer the question who are you serving

● Start practicing your pitch (for events, products, money, etc.)

● Ways to negotiate from a place of strength:

○ Do your research

○ Figure out your personal motivation

○ Figure out when to walk away

● Reasons why you aren’t making money:

○ Prices are too low; don’t devalue yourself

○ Your potential reach is too small

○ Your revenue streams are too shallow

● Ways to make more money in the future:

○ Be an educator

○ Be a motivator

○ Be an entertainer

Notes from Mattie’s Session - “The Impact of Influence”

● Lessons from mom:

○ Decisive about the woman she wanted to be

○ Noticeable in any room she walked in

○ Authority to her friends on home decor, beauty, and all things fab

● There is no greater influence than the black woman

● When we become the truest version of ourselves, we inspire others to do the same

● Decisive → clear on what you stand for

○ Example: Beyonce

■ Decided that family is a priority

■ Decided to create intentionally black content

■ Decided to continuously get better (and do work that matters)

● Noticeable → you have to get and keep their attention ○ Example: Serena Williams

■ Noticeable because she is the best; performs with excellence

■ Noticeable because she’s different

■ Noticeable because she is multidimensional

● Authority → you need power to influence ○ Example: Oprah

■ Building her following

■ Building her relationships

● Build relationships with people you may not need right now, to support/encourage, etc.)

■ Building her voice (with intention, not to be loud and boisterous)

● Until you identify the DNA of your influence, you won’t understand your value

● Take time to answer what makes you decisive, noticeable, and an authority and infuse

them into everything you do

○ Once you determine what makes you decisive you will become consistent.


Queens, I hope you can take something from these notes that were gathered at ITICLT Summit and apply them. I know that I am working on these daily, and more than anything working on being your consistent value. Let me know in the comments if this was helpful to you in any way, and your thoughts on the notes I provided! If you are interested in attending a future IYI Summit, visit https://www.igniteyourinfluence.co/ to get notified!


Jasmine <3

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