Long distance relationships are so far from simple. They require trust, honesty, and an unexplained kind of love. I should know a good bit about it being that its the only form of dating that I have ever done. I know sad right? I was blessed with an amazing relationship but I definitely had some messy ones along the way. I was cat-fished, cheated on ,and ghosted all in the same year. It was hard because I was the one who saw it for more than just a dating app or that random DM. Every time was another shot at something more. After failed attempt and failed attempt I finally came across the one.

We learn together everyday that choosing to be in love with each other despite the distance is a daily choice. We learn something new about our relationship everyday. Especially during this COVID19 Crisis. So I'm here to give you some tips on how to conquer through this crisis.

Here are three quick tips for handling your long distance relationship during COVID19 and just for future reference:

1. Appreciate it for what it is! Don't take that the wrong way either.

What I mean is money can be tight and resources limited. If your anything like me COVID19 has ruined several plans and postponed several flights. So if that's the case make due with what you can do. If that means doing something corny like a face-time lunch date or face-time movie date make it happen. It seems dumb but being creative with how you all spend time together -or not together-however you wanna put that is one of the most important components to keeping a long distance relationship fun.

2. If future is the goal - focus on that.

Sense your plans are cancelled use that money to put towards your future together. Long distance is expensive and if your relationship is becoming more serious, your looking towards a more permanent trip. So build towards it.

3. Communication is Important!

Don't neglect this belief just because your on the phone everyday. Take this time to get to know each other more and tackle some issues that you thought weren't that important or that you thought would go away upon seeing each other. Learning to do this before you guys make the big leap will clear the air and make your trips better and adapting to living together a bit smoother.

I hope that you can take these tips and apply them to your life and your relationship. Till next time. Stay proud Sistas.

Love Ciara.

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